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National Debt Managementís overall mission is to educate anyone in need of financial assistance. National Debt Management, attempts to help everyone who seeks assistance, as Michigan unfortunately has a growth in low income communities. The range of our assistance is from those who lack the experience in managing their finances to those who may have experience but have suffered financial difficulties. Our goal is to educate those in need how to balance their income with their expenses to prevent debt. For those who are approaching debt, we help them to control their debt and reduce it. For those who are in uncontrollable debt we find the cause of their debt and participate in the solution. All of which promotes foreclosure prevention.

For those who need additional help, we provide programs in Debt Management and Housing Assistance. These programs are separate from the basic financial counseling services provided, every client receives basic counseling services, which then determines the further counseling services or programs that may fit best with the client. This is done to show the client the different avenues available to them. This organization provides the tools to the clients to help get them on the path to financial stability.

We are here to help improve our communities.
State of Michigan-Debt Management
Department of Justice-Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling and Post-Bankruptcy Education
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