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Non Profit Program

A not for profit debt agency can resolve overwhelming debt using the same methods as a for profit agency. The difference that consumers will experience when working with a not for profit agency is increased confidence in the solutions being presented after the complimentary credit counseling session, because the agency doesn’t have motive for enrolling the client in one debt program versus another. After taking time to listen to the client and carefully designing a budget, recommendations will be made for all eligible debt resolution solutions.

A not for profit debt agency generally helps consumers to resolve debt affordably with the help of a debt management program. Debt management programs are helpful to those who want to resolve their debt, but also continue paying their creditors on time each month. A not for profit debt agency can also recommend other suitable solutions for resolving debt, depending on the consumer’s financial goals.

After 20 years in business, our small community office in Southfield, MI has expanded nationally and has built important relationships with creditors and financial service providers. We put this extensive network of relationships to work for you.

There is something very different about enrolling in a debt resolution program that is managed by a not for profit agency. When you get on the phone with one of our agents, you’ll know for yourself.