Simple Steps Solution

Step 1 - Discuss your financial situation in a confidential credit counseling session.

Any reputable debt agency should provide consumers with a free credit counseling session, as this is the point in the process where your debt agency is evaluating which programs would be a viable solution for debt resolution.

Step 2 - Choose a strategy based on the information presented by our licensed counselors.

The benefit of working with a not for profit debt agency, which is also licensed for pre-bankruptcy counseling, is trusting that your counselor has no motive for presenting the various debt resolution solutions that are available to you.

Step 3 - Make on-time payments.

No matter the program in which you elect to enroll for debt help, on-time payments will always determine the speed at which you put your debt behind you. This is why we take the pre-enrollment budget conversation so seriously, if a consumer can’t afford the payment we will present alternatives to a debt management program for resolving debt.

Step 4 - Monitor debt balance as they go bye bye!

Each debt account has specific characteristics that need to be considered for successful debt resolution. Our team of licensed counselors will make it easy for you by taking on the job of strategically managing your creditors, while you watch your balances as they disappear!